Life As Cinder, our Family Chocolate Lab.


Get out of our bed,

Go outside, potty break.

Come in, go back to bed.

Get up when she hears Rob making breakfast.

Use puppy eyes to get bites, success.

Go back to bed



Get up, Rob is making lunch.

Use puppy eyes, get bites. Success!

Go outside to potty

Go back to bed.



Go outside, swim in pool.

Get water all over the house.

Request dinner at 4:00 pm on the dot. Drive Rob crazy for canned food, success!

Go outside again, go potty, play in pool again.

Get everyone and everything wet, Success!


Later that evening:

8:00pm , must have toy with peanut butter in it.

Drive humans crazy till I get my peanut butter. Success!

Start wanting to play when humans while they are trying to watch TV.

Success, used puppy eyes again.

Get to humans bed before them to claim my spot, success!


Start next day! Human are now trained!